A very simple method of propagating violets — seven guys!

Accidentally found a note Gardeners in Stavropol region. Got interested and tried it. Here is the result. A single sheet, and the seven guys.


On a piece of paper, make several transects at a distance of approximately 1 cm.

The soil is moist but not wet. I use horse moss like violets.

Slightly press it to the ground Central stalk of a leaf, close to teplička (food container fits perfectly).

And then every day look, ventilate briefly, if the soil is moist watering is not necessary, do not overdo it.


I put a piece of paper and I got 7 of alcohol to children, under the leaf some more developing.

I wish you all good luck! published


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P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

Source: vk.com/home_garden?z=photo-44431169_422622371%2Falbum-44431169_00%2Frev


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