Things, which in any case can not be checked in

An ordinary vacation can be a real challenge for the unprepared person. In fact, except for the rest, there is still a long way to be done from the home country to the desired coast. And, most of all, to do its will need on the plane.

What about the Luggage? What things will you take with you on Board, and which will pass to ground staff? Practice shows that to solve this issue you need in advance. And think about it well, because the danger is not only that you are forced to rummage through the entire suitcase for forbidden subjects, but because someone of unscrupulous Ministers like honey for you subject.

We decided to compilea list of things in any case do not need to take the Luggage, if you will, of course, do not want to lose them forever. According to statistics, these are the things missing from the bags of unsuspecting tourists are often — to return them afterwards simply impossible.



Tip is pretty obvious, but you'd be surprised how many people prefer to leave the principal amount of the transported money in the Luggage, and it, in turn, pass at the front Desk. The argument in favor of such a thing — you are unlikely to get robbed in the plane. Argument against — and do you even have friends, who once robbed in the aircraft? According to statistics, every year in the offices of the airlines treated dozens of people, with a complaint of missing money from the Luggage. To return these funds is simply unrealistic, because there is no evidence even of their existence.




This advice will be useful, first of all, beautiful ladies, going to vacation. Many girls prefer to take a brand all the decorations. To have a choice, where would we be without choice! All rings, bracelets and pendants to wear still will not work — not in the handbag them to carry, can be put in the Luggage. Remember, you don't need to do that. The probability is that on vacation you forget about some pieces of jewelry and come to your senses only at home, examining things.



Binoculars, glasses and other fragile things

On this belongings is unlikely to covet the most hardened kidnappers of the property of others. But you may well find a bunch of splinters in ismeta the body, instead of my favorite binoculars. Spare points is not worth it to put in the Luggage. The number of incoming on a conveyor belt bags are so great that porters are forced to treat them casually is just not enough time. From the cast iron floor or side compartment, your prescription will not save any case.





The desire to insure themselves against all sorts of misfortunes on vacation, forcing many people to take a whole medicine Cabinet of drugs on all occasions. We recommend you to give this practice up altogether. First, there is travel insurance that will save you in case of an emergency. And, secondly, a package of strange pills and ampoules can attract the attention of the customs service. While law enforcement will understand that is legal if you smuggled drugs in the country, you will be left without all the baggage. So, bring only the Essentials and carry in hand Luggage.



Try to control yourself and not carry the baggage a whole case of this delicious French wine. The temptation, of course, very large. As the probability that the bottle will just break during an overload of bags and will make all the contents of your suitcase in a fragrant, ready for the journey to the landfill mass. published



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