Caution! The softener can be hazardous to health

Fabric softener is a very popular product that is often used for washing, which allows to preserve the softness of the fabric and give it a pleasant smell.

Today most people use it because the store offers a wide range of products at affordable prices.

However, few people know that in most conditioners contain chemicals that are dangerous for our health, especially the health of children.

In advertising campaigns often conceal important details that companies producing household chemicals, beneficial to hide.

Like other detergents and household cleaners, fabric conditioners cause a harmful effect that is not always possible to notice immediately.

Most often we are talking about respiratory diseases and dermatological disorders that are manifested in direct or indirect contact with kondicioneram for linen.

It is confirmed that more than half of the conditioners contain more than two of the chemical substances that impair our health.

In this article we will tell you about the most common harmful substances that manufacturers add detergents. You can find them on the product label. Don't miss it!


We are talking about is a colorless flammable liquid with odor of lilac that is used to flavor condiments.

Agency for environmental protection in the United States warns that this substance can cause various health problems, for example:

  • the imbalance of the Central nervous system
  • hypothermia
  • Constant headaches
  • depression and anxiety
  • loss of muscle coordination
  • irritation of mucous membranes


This aromatic substance is most commonly used for the production of products that are used for washing clothes.

It is also a colorless liquid, only with the scent of Jasmine.

Prolonged contact with this substance may cause:

  • high risk of pancreatic cancer
  • eye irritation
  • respiratory disorders
  • headache

Benzyl alcohol


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