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"Explosive development" and Love

Development is all well and good, but it is better to do without the explosions.

The last 3 years I was closely involved in it "explosive development" people. He blew up and saw hundreds and hundreds of bombings (awareness, insight, insight). But flowers (the fruits, results, changes) on the site of the explosions usually appeared. And if there were something, no thanks.

In a dead soil, the flowers do not grow. They grow where the soil, fertilize, water and love.


I think that it is impossible for man to DEVELOP. As the saying goes: "Violently happy won't." It can only develop ITSELF. Only himself, making efforts, it can move to meet his happiness. Wanting to speed up someone's development, we thus expressed their dissatisfaction with the man. And what is this if not our ego that wants to assert itself on others? What is this if not an attempt to prove to himself that he advanced more than others? Because we see other people's imperfections! It is also a sign of our development!

Then what to do? How to live with people who are annoyed by their lack of understanding, low speed of thought, the craving for self-destruction? I will Express my personal opinion. Let it be only for those who are this approach soul rests.

THE LOVE DEVELOPS. But rather in the atmosphere of love, man develops himself.

When a child grows up in a friendly atmosphere of love, understanding, support, joy, it grows smart, brave, beautiful, loving PERSON. In the aggressive environment of anger and resentment (at best, indifference) grows a "notorious tyrant".

Unfortunately, almost all of us, to a greater or lesser extent, a notorious tyrants. In relation to themselves and others. It is a reality and in this reality, our children grow up. They will go the same way, if right now our families will not light the flame of love. More precisely, if we are not light. First, in your heart, then in the hearts of loved ones. As the saying goes: "Save yourself and many around you will be saved".

Compassion, understanding, tolerance, respect, humanity – all these qualities are only the result of love. Moreover, the wisdom of man consists not in quantity of knowledge but the ability to live a happy. It is intuitively clear that a happy man in love with himself, the world, in people, in God, is the person who has the knowledge of our world (and in fact the laws of the artificially created system) grow easily, quickly, effortlessly. Such people are lucky, swift, brave. Obstacles to them are not seem to exist.

Why are people so different? Some successful and interesting, and others boring or repulsive? Because one grew up in an atmosphere of love and now carry it in yourself, spread around. While others never learned what love is, and therefore they have no soul this fire and have nothing to offer people, nothing to please, I cannot be happy as people around you blossom.

It's the fact that before asking the "educational issues", to give advice and point out errors is that the person felt loved, felt safe around you. Not enough for him to realize the love and security you have to feel it in my gut. Then the man revealed, his mind to be liberated, to look clearer. You will hear from him the thoughts that I never expected to hear. You will see things fit to admire.

The man himself will begin to seek to understand something, to make your life happier and make you happy to look forward to. It's natural when we love.

It is important to understand that any imperfection of man is the external, the superficial, the ego. And the soul of man, the essence of it — perfect. Originally a man bright, clean, nice and everyone's well-wisher.

Indicating errors, highlighting his imperfections, we, thereby, strengthening the dark that is in man.

But you can apply directly to the human soul, ignoring its shortcomings. Then the soul is revealed. The person has energy, which she copes with dark, or gives strength to cope.

This attitude to people is not the result of practice. This understanding of human nature. Man is a child of God, in his image and likeness. The father gave his children everything that he had himself. His children are perfect as he is. They are clean and free. They are free to choose how to treat their parent, how to relate to brothers and sisters.

If you treat people as initially perfect beings, then miracles begin to happen. When it happened to me, it seemed that while I was out, everyone I knew, if developed ten times. They started talking clever ideas, and even new to me.

And in fact, I just no longer put pressure on them. They felt a different attitude, and began little by little to open up, to Express themselves. And it turned out... it turned out that every person is such a mystery. It's a whole world just opened to me. And to give good advice, you need to understand the inner world of man, you need experience of communicating with the soul. We must love people. published

Author: Vadim Karabinskaya


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