The first, second and compote: a direct path to obesity

It turns out to be slim, you need to eat moderately five times a day and abandon the axiomatic formula of "first, second and compote". About how to eat properly, says the doctor-valeolog, a specialist in the basics of nutrition and metabolic prevention Snezhana, Kovrigo.

The perfect daily diet

The first thing a person must do in the morning is to drink a glass of water, and preferably two. To start metabolic processes in the water you can add grapefruit juice or lemon. Half an hour later have Breakfast, be sure to eat protein and complex carbohydrates. The best option is cooked in milk porridge and egg.

I think many know the feeling when in the morning soon after Breakfast a very hungry. The man is like "breaking", he frantically searches the bag of candy or asks colleagues, "something to eat". It happens when is the "right" Breakfast you ate only fast carbohydrate is something sweet and coffee.

The sugar level in the blood rises quickly, but also rapidly falling. So after half an hour again comes the hunger pangs. If you still do, relatively speaking, a piece of candy, the process is repeated. You need to get over myself and eat a complex carbohydrate that will provide energy for a longer time — for example, Apple, grapefruit.

After a couple of hours after Breakfast you need to eat. Ideally, this should again be proteins with carbohydrates, for example cheese with jam or berries. By the way, cheese is better to buy with a fat content of 4-5%.

After another couple of hours in the afternoon. Not fast food, and a full meal. You can eat soup or meat with garnish. It is desirable that the meat was boiled, and the vegetables — steamed, boiled or stewed. The Soviet standard of "first, second and compote" — is not the best option for the body. The lunch of so many dishes already overeating. The stomach — like pouch. Imagine you ate a pint of soup, then the second — it is almost a kilogram of food. Add more drinks. "Pouch" stretched and one feels saturation only when the stomach wall is completely filled. Eventually, to be satisfied, a person will have to eat more and more.

Complete food "agenda" can be about 19.00 fish with vegetables. In General, it is optimal to eat five times a day. That is between lunch and dinner appropriate another small snack. It may be dairy products or vegetable salad, but not simple carbs that should be eaten only in the morning.

Of course, those who can not boast of a model food behavior, eating right can seem like a difficult task. But the main thing — to start. Any habit is formed in 21 days, so if you hold out for three weeks — then everything will go back to normal. Believe me, people who consciously choose a proper diet and abide by its principles, a lot. Go to a specialist, then take pictures of their daily serving, send him. The main thing — to set the goal to Mature.


Water, water and water again!

For good health it is important to keep drinking regime. Daily you should drink water at the rate of 25-30 grams per kilogram of body weight. Now, when it's hot and humid, drink should be particularly large, and not just water. In the heat occurs profuse sweating, and then washed with mineral substances.

According to some studies, vitamins and nutrients are not assimilated without minerals. Therefore, they must be replaced by drinking mineral water. Even if you don't like, drink through "can't." You can make fruit drinks, juices — in General, drink a lot, but keep in mind that the maximum intake of fluid should be up to seven in the evening. After increases the load on the renal system, resulting in swelling in the morning.


Sport, sleep and vitamins

Sports have become fashionable. Trend is observed among both young people and older people. Increasingly, people are discussing which sport to do, what to buy a bike or how to choose a gym. There were many cross-country clubs and initiatives. And such care about yourself and your body acquired a universal character. But not enough to run — it is also necessary to eat right.



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Author: Snezhana, Kovrigo




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