10 tips from someone who lost 70 pounds

When Joe Bernstein was 25 years old, he weighed 154 pounds. The diet did not help. Then he added to my life simple habits that have led to positive changes in appearance and in feeling. Now Joey is helping them through this journey as a personal trainer.

It looked like Joey before. And the difference brought these simple habits.

1. Do not drink calories

Soda, juice and sweet tea. Only by this measure it is possible to lose 22 pounds in 3 months. Otherwise, you do not notice how drink 2000 calories per day.

2. Forget about ready-made business Lunches

And take with you to work cute lunch boxes with healthy content, prepared independently.

3. Spend less time on the road

So you will save not only hours, but also your nerves. And free time to devote to healthy cooking and exercise.

4. To learn how to cook

And get pleasure from it. To embark on the chef's help recipes from Internet, cooking shows and courses in good company.

5. To understand the value of this food

Choose local and fresh food, which "revive" the taste buds and causes the body to shrink in volume.

6. To get a dog

Active morning walk with your four-legged friend is the best thing you can do to improve metabolism and brain activity. Having a dog is not necessarily important, find a way to move in the morning.

7. Buy more organic food

It's not about loud marketing statements like "No GMO" or "Organic", and the habit to choose foods of higher quality. Yes, the food may seem expensive, but once you refuse to buy ready meals, the budget will be back to normal.

8. Pay attention to the quality of the meat

The ideal is to increase the number of vegetarian Lunches and dinners, which should include vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, grains and legumes. If you are not ready to give up meat, pay attention to its quality and origin

9. To break the oppressive relationship

After breaking up with his ex-wife Joey had to create his life anew, and it was a new life — healthier and more conscious. Do not have to do so radically. Everyone has relationships that it is time to finish.

10. To change not only externally but also internally

The weight never came back, not only is it important to exercise and eat right. The great value has the full amount of internal work you have done in the process of losing weight, beginning with getting rid of old habits and ending with the awareness of being updated.published


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