7 foods to increase hemoglobin

To increase hemoglobin it is not necessary to take drugs. For starters, should reconsider the system of its power. Include diet foods that contain iron and elements for best absorption.

7 main products to increase hemoglobin

1. Carrot juice. The greatest effect, if you drink 3-4 times a week a glass. One glass of juice has about 500 grams of carrots.

2. Strawberry and strawberry. Of course, fresh fruits without cooking will give the best results.

3. Beet. It can grate and make it beet juice.

4. Recipe from honey, walnuts and cranberries – a great tool for raising valuable protein in the blood. Can be mixed in equal proportions. It would be better to eat as soon as cooked. But to use as medicine — that is, only small proportions.


5. Collection of specific herbs. Take two tablespoons of nettle and BlackBerry leaves, and three tablespoons of St. John's wort and chamomile flowers.

All this chop, stir and place in a thermos, pour about 700 grams of boiling water, or simply brew teloi water in a warm place. The present infusion drink a glass three times a day.

6. To drink a dogrose with honey – the benefits are not only for immunity and overall vitality, but also to increase hemoglobin.

7. And finally, food that should be our diet: buckwheat, apples, raspberries, pomegranates.

These products useful to include in your diet:

  • spinach 13.51 µg;
  • lentils 11.8 mcg;
  • peas 6.8-9.4 µg;
  • buckwheat 8.3 mcg;
  • barley grits 7.4 mcg;
  • oatmeal 5.5 mcg;
  • wheat 5.4 mcg;
  • peanuts 5 µg;
  • dogwood 4.1 mcg;
  • cashew 3.8 mcg;
  • corn 3.7 µg;
  • pine nuts 3 mcg.
*The amount of iron per 100 grams. product.


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