How to raise the child's mood. 8 proven ways

Your child is sad? Try to cheer him up. It is very easy to do, if only a little bit to move away from the stereotyped, automatic reactions.

1. Collect tears

The baby is crying and you don't know how to calm him down? Ask him to collect tears to brew a magic potion drinking which all must be well.

2. Suitable replacement favorite things

Child wants to wear a favorite t-shirt, and it was in the wash, ask him to choose another, which is for 5 signs match with your beloved.

3. This is bad — this is good

Play the game "Who is bad — who is right". Due to rainy weather you go for a walk, but the trees and grass are very pleased with the rain, he closed the zoo, but the animals can relax.

4. Think of a fairy story

Your child lost his favorite toy or he flew the balloon? think of the magical story that has happened with these things and where they are now.

5. Make a list for the future

Many children get upset, thinking that if it did not happen now, it will never be. Make a list for next time, what animals see in the zoo, on any of the rides I ride. This list will give confidence that it will happen.

6. Play

Think about how to arrange adventures that you have failed. Arrange your rides, entertainment or dining. Play favorite toys child think toy town with cafes, parks and entertainment.


Right and Wrong praise

You need to simply understand

7. Dream

To experience unpleasant emotions will help fiction. Dream with your child about what it would be if it worked. So you waited in an amusement Park if not for the rain, which would be a wonderful trip if you didn't get sick. Imagination will help to calm down and think about plans for the future.

8. The occasion of a sad event

If something did not work and the plans violated don't be sad. Arrange a holiday, inclement weather, bad moods and broken toys, it can be very fun and interesting.published


Author: Catherine KES






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