Why is yawning so damn contagious

Have you ever noticed that when someone near you yawns, I yawn in response? And not because yawn is a very pleasant experience. In fact, we do it unknowingly, just because our brains can not resist the contagious desire.

The editors of the Website to share with you the explanation of scientists who not the first year struggling "zavalnym phenomenon".

According to studies, when we see yawning faces in photos or videos, it can cause us to yawn. Not necessarily to see wide-open mouth, just look at the typical closed eyes. If you yawn while reading this article, then you already drew a yawn in my mind.

Scientists have linked the contagious yawning with empathy — the ability to share other people's emotions and feelings. They found that when the response yawning after looking at the pictures with yawning creatures (also cats and dogs) people have especially active part of the brain responsible for empathy. We clearly empathize with yawning and just want to share their "difficult."

Yawning becomes contagious at the age of 4 years. The phenomenon is explained by fatigue, boredom or lack of oxygen. Temperature "zavalnym window", when we do this particularly active, is considered to be about 20 °C — just the average temperature in the rooms where we work daily.

Let's count how many times someone yawned while reading this post. Share in the comments!

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