25 pearls of translators, which was delicious

The fact that in our days it is almost impossible to live without knowledge of foreign languages is the truth. But if their knowledge down, machine translation shamelessly lying, then there are numerous signs and ads in the style of "MGIMO finished".

In this article Website has collected another batch of incredible knowledge in foreign languages.

Looking for a partner for joint training apoptosome.

The famous songwriter Mike Jackson conquers Egypt.

The airport "Domodedovo" — 60 years on the market of delivery inconvenience.


From the makers of cigarettes "Male" and toothpaste, "the Soldier".

In some countries a woman still not human.

The translator is confused.

It seems that this is not done so by accident.

Something went wrong.

Will add zest and flavor to any dish.

Terrible beast, you say.

Thanks for the warning.

When you follow the instructions is not an option.

Why "blue"?

Russians understand only special code words.

Don't find here the dogs!

Japanese-Russian phrase book prepares you for the harsh Russian reality.


Are you threatening me?

Translator 80 level.

Soup, clear, clear.

The visitor, don't be stubborn, get over his of sobakami!

The sudden revelation of the Russian language from an Indian butterfly.

Meanwhile, in Turkey.

And I'm laughing. All have a nice weekend!

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Trogni to begin

Puff Puff Salted egg.

35 fatal translation errors

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