4 questions to ask the child every day. Because you love him

Scientists have found out that the day we are in the middle devoted to the child of 12.5 minutes. Of that time 8.5 minutes spent on accusations and bans. And only 4 minutes left on fellowship.

The website knows how to spend time.

Writer Jamie Harrington formulated 4 questions that you need to ask your child every day. "Ask your child open-ended questions that he can't just answer "Yes" or "no". This encourages the children to describe their feelings and assess their actions," she writes. So, what is this magical question?

How was your day?

If at first the kid will shy away and say "fine", "all is well", etc., do not "get the story ticks". Tell him about your day and believe me, even the shy, secretive child will start with you sharing what's on his mind.

How are your friends?

You can ask about any one friend or all friends in General. It is important that the child trusted you and was not afraid to tell you.

What good happened to you during the day?

When bad weather or after a hard math test hard to remember something nice that happened to you during the day, you need yourself to cheer himself. For example, the unplanned to go to a movie, play some Board games at home, etc. Such imagination will lead you and the child from serious reflection on a wave of positive emotions.

You need my help?

We all know how difficult it is sometimes to ask for help from someone. A child who is not accustomed to help in small things, is unlikely to appeal to you in a difficult situation. So start small — offer to help clean her room, help with homework. Don't be afraid to spoil your son or daughter, because the more you help in detail, the higher the probability that in case of a serious conflict the child will come to you. However, this does not mean that you need to start doing instead of a child.

Listening to the story of your child, do not interrupt him and do not rush to pass judgement, comment only when you are asked. Don't ignore physical contact: hug your kid or take. If you're in a bad mood or you do not have the time — honestly tell your child about this and agree when you will be able to communicate later.

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