4 scientifically proven ways seals prolong our lives

Since ancient times people noticed that life with cats has a beneficial effect on life expectancy. And that's what modern scientists say. The most important that the body receives from cats: vibration, warmth and sense of comfort. It all works on our health in the most efficient manner.

Hitgid.comWebsite publishes irrefutable evidence that cats are not only great picture but also bring enormous benefits to our health.

Cats treated Cat's purr promotes healing of wounds. Although scientists still have not figured out exactly how this is born of sound, we all know that cats purr. And it somehow has a beneficial effect on the human ability to regenerate.

Cats purr in the range of therapeutic vibration Average cat purrs at a frequency of 25 to 150 Hertz. This is the frequency at which best recovered the cat's muscles and bones. But these nanomuscle waves are also suitable for people. They are within the "therapeutic" from a medical point of view range (25-150 Hz). This fact is devoted not to one study. Thus, the meowing of a cat can heal broken bones, repair of damaged muscles and even get rid of shortness of breath.

Cats that reduce the amount of stress in your life Studies indicate that cat owners on average have fewer symptoms of stress. In second place are the dog owners. Most stressed people without Pets.

Cats can reduce the likelihood of heart attack by 40%, Scientists from the University of Minnesota found that the presence of cats in the house can be good for your heart. In their study, they found that people who have no cats, 40% more likely to suffer from heart attacks.

But why? Here is their quote: "the Most logical explanation could be that cats can relieve stress and anxiety and to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease".

But be careful with the facts. Yes, studies have shown that cats can reduce stress, the likelihood of cardiovascular disease, and even potentially offer you some myllykallio therapy. But these findings say more about the way of life of the average GoToWebinar, rather than about the mystical power of cats over our body. Although... Who knows?

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