20 years in the area of ​​Brussels is decorated with a carpet of flowers. And it looks fantastic

Belgium - a country where a huge number of flowering begonias are grown annually. To show them the beauty of the world, since 1971 in Brussels Flower Carpet Festival satisfied. Right on the cobblestones of the city central square Grand Place best horticulturists Ghent recreate the floral carpet of a few hundred square meters.

Locals and visitors can admire the Belgian capital to receive a work of art from the balcony of the Brussels Town Hall. Traditionally, a flower festival lasts 4 days.

Work on the flower carpet is conducted for 2 years. As a rule, the fact to realize conceived image in life, it takes about 4 hours, hundreds of experienced gardeners and the same initiative of volunteers.

Every time creates a floral arrangement on a particular topic. The central area of ​​Brussels already decorated carpets dedicated to Mozart, the gardens of Versailles, the Middle Ages and alchemy, art Nouveau, Africa.

In 2016, 60 000 begonias posted 1,800 sq. m in honor of the 150th anniversary of friendship between Belgium and Japan. At this time in the design of the designers have used classic Japanese and Belgian styles, according to their plan, the carpet represents 4 times year.

The opening ceremony of Flower Carpet Festival was held on August 12 at the accompaniment of Italian opera by Giacomo Puccini, "Madama Butterfly" and ended with fireworks right over a flowering carpet.

Photos on the preview Labo River / NPO flowercarpet.be

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