15 design ideas with his own hands: create a classic atmosphere for a penny!

We all know that classic interior is not afraid of the influence of fashion and time. Often it is associated with the concept of a standard, sample excellent taste and elegance.

«Just So!» has prepared a collection of amazing ideas just in the classical style for you. They easily can implement your own hands, to add variety to the interior of their homes.

Elements of classical interiors
Floral collage
It will become a highlight of the interior in a classical style. Do not miss this precious time and collect the best flowers that summer!

Stand from the vase
This stand will become an indispensable subject of your interior. With a wide dish on top of it can be used as a coffee table.

Giant yarn
Decorate and bring comfort to any home. If you do not have much in the bins hook or needles, you can use your own hands to tie a small rug or blanket.

Old carpet
It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on the interior. It is enough to repaint the old carpet in an unusual color.

3D-pot for flowers
To make a pot need cover from plastic bottles, glue and spray paint.

wind Music
Not only will the original attribute of the home, but also protects it from negative energy flows. To make such mobility, need otrez strong rope, a hacksaw and a thin decorative pipe.

Baskets of clothesline
To implement this idea need clothesline, Melt, scissors and form opletaniya. With these baskets can organize all the little things that are scattered around the house.

mat of strings
With the help of the ropes can be made not only to the basket, but also a small rug that will adorn the hallway or loggia.

plants in transparent vases
Add a little greenery in the surrounding area! For this idea you will need a clear vase of unusual form, some soil, moss and sea stones. The main plants are best suitable stone rose.

Vases style Ombre
Take advantage of spray paint to create a unique design of a transparent vase.

The staircase of the decorative pipe
It will become an indispensable subject of your kitchen interior. With the help of this original device you to easily organize all towels and other kitchen attributes.

The Wicker stool
Parting artificial leather, a little foam and skilful hands - all that is needed for producing such a piece of furniture
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Your friends will certainly be interesting to learn about these ideas for the classic interior!


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