25 funny pictures that are well understood by those who are nursing babies

Remember those sleepless nights, the first bath, first smile? The heroes of this collection remind you themselves. And some will surprise its spontaneity and ingenuity! < Website shows what happens in the life of those times when you have to nurse the baby.

After giving birth, the dream is more important sex

Photo source: Beta.fishki.netMesto and posture does not matter

especially outdoors

good night's sleep in the first few months after the birth of a baby, it is possible even in his tiny bed

Sleep can completely overtake at any moment

Pope - "the best" nanny!

Sometimes children are left to look for food

Parents of the baby swaddled in hospital, apparently not taught

The ingenuity of young fathers can only envy

first make-up of the pope

Here dad obviously overdone

From the Pope can not escape

Pope's help to develop latent abilities kids ... ... music

... and logically

But what can happen if you leave the children at her grandmother

first swimming sometimes becomes a catastrophe

In this difficult time, pets can greatly help out
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