25 photos, which will recognize those who nursed children

It does not matter if you have small children, or they have grown up - every parent remembers what the fuss with the baby!

Raising children can be fun, most importantly, to the difficulties approached with optimism and humor! Website offers cheer up watching this funny photo galleries, you understand everyone who ever babysit children.

The first time, all the things you want - it was a dream

It may be co-sleeping with your baby in the fresh air.

Or a big comfortable bed.

Yes, that really there: even in the crib you will be comfortable.

But the ideal - when the whole family went to sleep at the same time.

You suddenly surprised to find that the child may cry for hours

And when you start to think that this will never end ...

There comes a long-awaited peace.

First swimming may not be held, as you'd expect

How disgusting it is your foam.

To just a snack, sometimes you have to try hard

Experienced father can eat without disturbing sleep "tray┬╗.

And if they manage to snatch a piece, only under the gaze of a baby.

But do kids pull in the mouth horrible

Parts of your body, for example.

Or toys.

All except food

You can not just pick up and feed the baby.

We must use all his cunning and wit.

The first year we constantly expect something

Finally, he began to crawl - can be put on a new suit. At the same time, and the house priberet.

But the kids are starting to creep into the most unpredictable places.

The first attempts to get the kid delight the whole family.

But then replaced by fear: what if he falls?

Many fathers manage to cope easily with the baby

They know how to distract and take the child.


And even have time to clean up the house.

And those who have pets know that sometimes pets cope with the children better than their parents

Adult cats.

Or even kittens.

Huge dogs also come to the aid of young parents.

Whatever the difficult first year for parents, during which time the family really rallying. Do not rush things, and so the children grow up too fast!

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