15 most bizarre ideas for health and beauty

Individually, we are smart, the masses - not always. One has only to look at the list of the 15 most bizarre ideas for health and beauty, to understand to what stupidity can sometimes reach people.

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1. The vibrating belt

There was a time not so distant (the 1950s and 60s), when people thought that the fat can be removed if you just rub it thoroughly. Women around the world wrapped vibrating belt around their "problem areas" in order to "shake" the fat. Over the years, it turned out that this device - as effective as advice on diet of a person suffering from obesity.

2. Worms slimming

If you are comfortable with the fact that you will live inside another organism, then worms to lose weight - for you. When you begin to "eat for two", you can eat as much as you want, and it will still lose weight. However, here the employees of the Office of Food Inspection and drugs seem to settle their accounts with these creatures, so wishing to have to turn to the black market dealers or traveling abroad to buy himself these parasites.

3. Oxygen bars

A wise man used to say: "Every minute, another is born a simpleton." Woody Harrelson, probably inspired by this statement, and opened its first oxygen bar for simpletons. Why simpletons? Yes, because now people are paying for it to breathe the air, and hoping that it will help them feel energetic, strong and popular.

4. The foreskin of infants

In some cultures, it is taken to remove the foreskin in infants. Now modern cosmetics found a by-product left over from this process, a new application - to remove wrinkles from the face. What is most interesting is that many of those who use such cosmetics, sometimes do not even know what they are rubbed into the skin itself - on a bottle of cream is hardly mentioned that the composition includes "the foreskin of infants."

5. Urine

What do the ancient Egyptians, Indians and modern Gennady Malakhov? They drink their own urine. Many believe that if you drink their own urine, she can cure you of all - from cancer and arthritis to allergies. The madness came before that one Indian company began selling soft drink cow's urine.

6. Eating placenta

The placenta - a special body that absorbs oxygen and nutrients, deducing toxins, and is the relationship with the mother of the fetus and the outside world. Tom Cruise, obeying the rules of the new religion - Scientology, decided to eat the placenta of his child. That would be a joke if he was alone. However, Cruz - just one of the many who decided to follow becoming the popular trend, whose roots go back to Japan. Mania comes to what people are starting to drink beverages with the placenta of animals (pigs, horses, etc.), considering that each cup slows the aging process and helps eliminate other health problems. In the US, the most common form of eating the placenta - tablets.

7. Botox

We live in a strange time when beauty is sold in bottles, and women are willing to risk everything to become more beautiful. Maybe you've seen women with deformed lips, swollen cheeks and half-centuries - all these bad effects of Botox injection. However, even their frightening pictures adorn the interesting articles not reduced the popularity of "cosmetic poison." On the contrary, attributed to Botox increasing number of useful features, such as the latest "trick" - Botox prevents sweating in the armpits.

8. Lemon Diet

Supporters of the lemon diet say that this drink (a strange mixture of cayenne pepper, water, lemon juice and maple syrup) burns calories and eliminate toxins from the body. Medical experts believe that these people are fools. Of course, doctors say, you can lose a couple of kilos so, but also because they can be lost, just do not eaten a couple of days.

9. Exercise for hips

Prior to the press simulator Ab Roller has been a trainer for the thighs Thigh Master -prisposoblenie strange kind sold in TV shops in the '90s. And although the practicality of this invention could argue, and when it is used people just looked silly simulator several years pretty well sold. If this is not proof of human stupidity, the more options, probably not.

10. Acai berries

Once Oprah Winfrey mentioned about acai berry on her show, their popularity has shot through the roof. People thought that they burn calories, boost energy, and just do wonders. Only recently, studies have shown that a simple blueberry is much more antioxidants, cranberry burns far more calories and of course, the berries will not be able to cure cancer.

11. Ionized Bracelet

This bracelet supposedly relieves pain, relieves stress, helps heal joints, raises cheerfulness in the body and makes you more endurance athlete. At least, so says advertising. Unfortunately, in 2002, the clinic «Mayo Clinic» has proved that this advertising shamelessly lied, and forced her to return more than $ 87 million to its customers.

12. Mask of bird excrement

Most people think that if the smear bird droppings on the face of another man, it hurt him. And here in New York is considered expensive cosmetic treatment - one course costs wishing to the entire $ 180. Some say that in the past women have similar masks from the excrement of nightingales centuries. Today, modern American queues lined up for bird excrement, then to smear them on your face.

13. Food film

Some players in American schools wraps garbage bags, to improve the tone. Today, this method is used a woman to lose a few extra kilos. It seems no one told them that with this method, they just lose water from the body, which then gaining again after drinking a couple of glasses of water.

14. Classes striptiznoy plastics

In a perfect world everyone would enjoy the dance at the pole of his wife or girlfriend. But this world is not perfect. In the real world only rappers and rock stars have the opportunity to enjoy dancing with a pole in the performance of their wives and girlfriends to do it to stay in shape. And we only need to shrug, wondering why bother to take these video tutorials and then sell them.

15. Diet of boiling

My favorite diet Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jamie Pressly - a diet of cabbage soup - is gaining new popularity every couple of years. The idea of ​​a diet - lose calories, still is. Only there you can only cabbage soup, and once a soup almost no calories, so soon you "guaranteed" to lose those extra kilos. You just need something to get used to the constant headaches, faintness, bad mood, flatulence and loss of concentration that accompany this diet (by the way, like any other).



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