These cupboards with food - the coolest and easiest way to help people

We always seem to be engaged in charity can only very wealthy people, and counting the small change in his pocket, we brush off the idea. But the good deeds will still find their heroes. Thus, the 41-year-old Jessica MakKlard (Jessica McClard) from a small town in Arkansas decided to street cabinets with food. For the realization of the idea, she received a small grant in the amount of $ 250. With this money, she built the first instance, and filled it with food for the needy.

Very soon, her project has gained immense popularity. Jessica initiative has inspired different people to build a similar cabinets in a few cities.

Revision Website happy to share this remarkable story, which once again confirms that doing good -. It is very simple
May 10 this year, has established the first cabinet near the church 64,801,049

it looked like just made "good island", where people can leave the food for the needy

< br> the result exceeded all expectations

Jessica was amazed at how quickly began to fill cabinets products from indifferent townspeople

< br>

in closet, located next to the school, people began to put various stationery that each child had everything we needed

Now when the project became popular, they grow everywhere, like mushrooms after the rain

Especially in demand such products and goods, such as jam, peanut butter and diapers

In several cities, people have supported this initiative and create their own street cabinets with food

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