Hard to believe that this house is suitable for living ... But the designer has made quite a feat!

Many of us dream about comfortable home , where you can retire after a hard day's work and forget about all the pressing issues. Some city dwellers manage even among the high-rise buildings to realize his dream.

Proof that to build a good house does not need any large area, no huge material costs, it is the home of the famous Japanese architect - Kota Mizuishi. A total of 55 square meters it was possible to construct a two-story mini-mansion!

House for narrow portion
It's hard to believe that this is a narrow building suitable for housing. But the Japanese architect managed to do the impossible.

Inside the house it is very spacious. This effect is created thanks to a clever design, which masterfully thought out zoning of each room.

Of course, in the narrowest house was a place for a cozy kitchen. Each square centimeter is used efficiently.

Despite the compact size of the house, there is a place to roam in the bathroom!

To better understand what's inside this mini-mansion, we offer to your attention a narrow design of the house.

Everyone dreams of their own home, should think about building a narrow mini cottage ! Find out more in this article, how to build a house made of container.


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