You - a ship sailing towards its goal.


Imagine that you are - a ship sailing towards its goal. The goals, which is thousands of kilometers away from you. Your goal - your dream, and at the helm of this ship is a continuous desire to possess it. Every day you swim dozens of meters without stopping. It is very small, but still better than nothing.

And suddenly you feel some strange deceleration in its path. Braking, which stops at a breakneck pace your ship and tries to drag under water. These are the people brake. The people I call the anchors.

They are all the time trying to dissuade you from the long voyage, no matter wherever you move. No matter what and why they are all exactly will continuously sink your ship their excuses and "correct" views. These anchors should immediately break off! Oh break, that would be the next time they had no desire to cling to your ship.

But the sadness is always close. These people, like piranhas want to "eat" your dream, and these actions have an excuse that they will never accept. This excuse is that they do not have in my life and did not even try to move in the direction of your dreams. They are easier to drown a nearby ship and be with him on the rocks than go quietly on its way.

© Ivan Brandon "me or die."


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