Dance if you want to cry, turn the louder,
took out the keys, close your door for three breaths,
starting to tread softly on shaky step ... However
pokrichi better, shut up and dance, measure the

Just a quick pulse of the dance, in the wave Movements in captivity.
Generator rhythm, impotence, today you wheeze,
All that pounding inside living outside now, and
little breathing sounds at frequencies tomorrow void.

These dances excitedly and without stop. Come on, maneuvering
between the lines ... Chill, otdyshites, rest, take -
for someone you locked basement air, dampness,
You - a fungus, wormwood, close cocoon leaky world

. Burn, dance without transcriptions, sparks, slugger feet,
eat your moan swallow saliva squeezed until
in the windows of empty, do not look, I remember as a
sips suddenly, secretly, suddenly want tobacco,

deeply, deeply light, under the skin, under his shirt, -
in a freshly dug hole, a narrow fistula soul,
a smoke for the first time, now you can, dance with tightening.
Coffee Break smoke, coughed, otdyshites ...

Come out into the yard, on the bridge, the cornice; on the big stage,
close your eyes, dance, bends to cry veins,
snaps his fingers, be angry, be bold and frank,
Brake release ... You have to take off, and here it is ... roll ...

... And you dance again, dance, dance ... plyashesh,
Red Ribbon uzhitsya, spreading corridor,
know Cannes again this year, not ours,
aged actors, camera, kooky director ...

Very bad - wallow in the break, yell: "the photographer!"
Your body - a little crumpled, but still unmessy
sheet. You are now herself, the girl, choreographer,
you are now myself, dear, climber ...


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