I do not rhyme THINK ABOUT YOU

< Inna Spring

Hello friend ... Everything consider yourself an enemy in the light of reports and news, press releases and personal dramas? The coat poistrёpannom Mr. Duty draws cane doodle for neighbors and other heart, still youngish ladies today. I was looking for you, you're all waiting for. As corny ... but only here is your dotted thinner thin on the wrist, the mist of milk on the window is the cross ... That God's bosom, then under the skirt of his cloak, mon ami, we so often lose landmark, pausing infinity without a stretcher on a rundown life, yellowed , yesterday, almost rotten canvas. From illusions that remains? Total last year's leaves .... Among the summer - chills, small demon shaking at the knees trembling. And your smile, the cigarette smoke, talk about anything, carefree all the words ... Entourage. It will fall, and will be, of course, the rain Will wash ... everything. But today, for some reason I can not rhyme again think of you.


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