The new technology of cooking crayfish

The novelty of the recipe is that before cooking crayfish to be fed sour cream - not with a spoon, of course, but just to fill them with sour cream and give it pobarahtatsya three hours, no less. After that you can cook, and the boys said that meat crayfish cream gorged itself, takes on a whole wonderful shade of taste. Let's go to the market and bought cancers. Little, as usual - about a quarter of the bath.

Then in the same market went for sour cream. Buy home made no sense, so we decided to take a low-cost 20% liter plastic containers. Granny-saleswoman told that we need to increase virility, and therefore take the sour cream - with a stock that certainly worked. Granny was a little shocked, because we have 60 liters.

Bought sour cream benefactors cancers in full:

Preparation of water for cooking was done more or less traditional: V. for this uses some clever herbs and spices that are know-how, and their composition is not disclosed.

Boiled crawfish, of course, on the beer. For the first brew is usually bought something decent-tins - usually in large barrels - but this time took the usual half liter cans of light "Budweiser" so practiced how many cans at a time, you can hold in their hands. In V. was a record, I think, seven cans (have not been able to shoot, so the picture only six).

For a second boil, when it becomes more or less on a fig, bought Jar "Baltika". The more that is cooked in the same water, so it goes.

Crabs washed before cooking, it is a massage tails and put Beethoven - to create the appropriate mood.

Well, then - perhaps to prepare.

Tellingly, the new technology has proven its effectiveness. In V. crayfish always fucking delicious, but this time there was something fantastic - sour cream has played an important role. If before the second batch of time to get ready before they ate the first (and where a quarter of hopelessly cooled), but this time the first batch of a hurricane swept the second and had to wait to look great.

However, maybe it's so influenced Beethoven - who knows ...

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