Investments in solar energy will reach $ 3, $ 4 trillion by 2040

Solar energy is growing faster than expected a few years ago. In the US, volumes of production of solar energy has increased over the past 10 years, 100 times. In Dubai, the price per kilowatt-hour has dropped to 2, 99 cents - and this is without subsidies. Michael Liebreich of Bloomberg cited figures and graphics on the Bloomberg conference New Energy Finance (BNEF).

Due to the long-term rates are falling rapidly deploy the program since 1975. Over the past 40 years, each doubling of the solar industry volumes led to a reduction in the price of solar modules by about 26%.

BNEF According to forecasts, by 2040, global investment in solar energy will reach $ 3, 4 trillion. This is more than the projected cumulative investment in all fossil fuels - $ 2, $ 1 trillion - and another $ 1, $ 1 trillion on nuclear energy

. As a result of these injections and research solar and wind energy will be the two least expensive ways to generate electricity in many countries during the 2020s, and in most countries - in 2030's, according to the report


Palo Alto made this year a contract for the solar energy at the price of $ 37 / MWh, and NV Energy of Nevada agreed to pay 3, 87 cents per kilowatt-hour of solar plant First Solar Inc. It should be remembered that the auction of solar energy offers include 30% tax and 60% of investment depreciation for the first year, so that without them, 3, 87 cents First Solar Inc. turned to 7 cents. Here in Dubai the price dropped to 2, 99 cents, without any subsidy and in Mexico - up to 3, 6 cents

. With such low sales prices of solar panels have to take off rapidly. At least from 2000 to 2015. sales increased by 100 times. Bloomberg does not rule out that this year they will double thanks to the extension of the investment tax credit (ITC) for another 5 years, signed by the US Congress.


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