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... I came to see me spread out Bed
and offered me a wonderful healthy sleep ...
And so judiciously - "tomorrow at daybreak - up ...» -
me someone whispered in his ear ... And there was a reason
simple and intuitive - in the bed / pillow / sleep /
non-drunk coffee / sandwich abandoned /
scattered the stars / moon, a large amber /
Midnight Stag - or rather, sorry, Con - that sleep zlatogrivym shoulder I buried his snout ...

... Spoke to me a sad kitchen table,
He squeaked softly, his legs - tired ...
trying diligently to lose, yes, yes! - On the floor
bouquet / gun / pan and Corvalol /
pot / phone / three candy / recipe where pilaf /
fragments of some wrappers c some love /
and thirty-eighth the size of my sandals ...
(Their presence on the table - resented table,
and squeak was heard ever more clearly that - "get!»)

... I used to - to talk ... But now, just silent
. He is sitting in his - in his heavenly green booths,
Earth and watched, yawning, bored,
and so - in between times ... soon - to support the form -stihi wrote,
listening to the prayers of sleep and non-soporific
lost / Clearwisdom / dependent and non-drinking /
no-waiting-for a long time and hard for something-waiting /
going-to-die and on a fashion show - walking /
on land ... on the sea, where the storm - the ninth wave ...
And, in fact, it was nowhere, though - Omnipresent ...
and SO - on "incoming" - just do not answer

. And the one who-was-need - needed ... But somewhere slept

. And hands that hooks - absolutely repulsed by hand,
bars in the sleepy box letters and signs:

Hey:) Napishi.Dazhe if you suddenly - not differently
. I just want you ... evo.I very cry.


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