Excursion to the sewer

Last year we had a flood in the area. as it turned out, dipped the foundation under the house, fell into the reservoir, the resulting hole in the left engine and stopped up the river - the water came out. seё event was bugging me. last Saturday with a separate person went to an abandoned chemical plant, which has never happened to climb. this gave rise to dissatisfaction and dvizhuhu in the legs. EDT quickly found a solution - remembered the river. some incredible efforts shook his wife and went to her in broad daylight in the evening to pull the hatches. she grumbled a lot, but suffered, for which she thanks. river found its channel now drained. water to Delhi - is not clear. although a number of kakashnik can on it ... let xs. gidrokarte was found on another river near my house. its the same checked. found :) Tuesday climbed. just climb up did not work - it is necessary to zadolbali had tramped the floor area in search of climbs upstream than found me. not found. Well, fic with him. Yes, thanks to some individuals that's just we've been waiting quite a long time, for which I dragged set Chiemsee (though later I threw it, not in the river to drag) and who did not even bother to call back later and say why did not reached. The river itself. did not understand what happened but came down and settled for half an hour in the first chamber. River won at first sight. is my favorite river. For the first time in 6 years has changed in his lantern batteries, therefore it shone just hellish, cutting vaults powerful beam of hatred. yuzal not your camera. regretted. could not cope with overexposure. I will continue to use only his technique.
Alexander sent shreds


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