Why would a home owner need waste heat recovery

In our modern age, when energy every year are getting more expensive faster and faster, energy saving is no longer just a fashion tendency, and sometimes a necessity.

Recovery is the return of a certain part of the energy that was allocated to useful work, and transfer it into useful. Heat exchangers have long been used in private homes in Europe where this is very important due to the high cost of energy. In Russia, the heat exchangers are just beginning to emerge.


The main sources of heat loss in a well insulated house are ventilation and discharge of waste warm water into the sewer.

Have you ever wondered how much heat leaves the water after taking a bath, when we open the drain plug? After all, to take a bath, we use less than half the heat, and the rest goes down the drain.

Of course, urban residents with a centralized hot water is a little worried, and if it bothers to take action in this case is nothing special. After all, vacation hot water considers a counter, and he believes liters, not calories. But the owner of a country house with its own water treatment system application of the heat exchanger water can save money. If, for example, hot water is heated by electricity, the use of the heat exchanger important.

How it works the heat exchanger of sewage?

Very simple. Warm or hot water from the sinks and bathtub (except the water bowl, bidet, etc.) is not from the drain, and in the heat exchanger, in which by means of a heat exchanger with well water or storage tank is heated by the heat of wastewater. Thus, the output of sewage water, cooled down finally falls into the sewage, and heated water from the tank goes to the heater and the mixer, thus saving electricity on water heating to the preset temperature.

Another positive aspect of the use of the recuperator is the lack of condensation on the pipes with cold water, because the water is already preheated.


The heat exchanger of wastewater can be applied only when separated sewer system, i.e. a system where grey and black (toilet, bidet) water are discharged through separate pipes. The principle of operation are the heat exchangers flow or storage. On the efficiency of heat exchange rollup more efficient, so our tech-Department have implemented their own projects. In the picture you can know about the design of the heat exchanger, and so convinced of its effectiveness after seeing the heat patterns with the thermal imager. published

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