Secrets of healthy and perfect skin from around the world

Women centuries sought beauty recipes that would help give the face a special radiance, perfect tone and perfect smoothness. And most importantly - to keep her youth as long as possible

Website is convinced that these secrets are so good and easy to perform, it will be your regular beauty rituals
Rubbing ice cubes. It stimulates blood circulation and gives the skin a radiant appearance. Contrast compresses the morning and evening. improves the complexion, increase blood circulation, restore skin elasticity and saturate it with moisture. Just dip a soft towel in hot water and apply to the face, then cold again to face. Repeat the procedure several times. Lemon juice from inflammation. dry rash can, if you put a dot on them lemon juice. ul > Chile

Red grapes for glowing skin. Chilean women trust the power of antioxidants, which are found in red grapes. They mix the grapes with two tablespoons of flour and the resulting paste is applied to the face for 10 minutes, then wash off. This mask is best done in the morning A balanced diet The secret to beautiful, radiant skin health residents of Sweden -.. Diet, full of antioxidants, which are found in fresh berries and fish. Sauna. The dry and hot air sauna, rasparivaya, contributes to the rapid removal of toxins from the body.

rice washing. Perfectly cleanses and stimulates the production of collagen and gives skin a special smooth.
2. The resulting flour, dilute with warm water to a consistency reminiscent of yogurt.

3. Apply the product to wet skin and gently spread over face massaging movements, then rinse with water.

Daily facial massage. To maintain skin elasticity and enrich it with oxygen. The procedure can be done with a variety of creams / oils. Equipment is chosen according to the needs of the skin. Minimum frosting. A healthy skin is a little shiny. The French believe that it is normal and natural. A regular dusting clogs the pores and provokes inflammation Carrot Juice -. < effective remedy for acne 30 grams of fresh juice. help get rid of acne, all thanks to beta-carotene.

Potatoes from bruises under his eyes. Thin slices cut potatoes and leave on closed eyelids for 10 minutes. snail enzyme. The most popular component of the Korean face creams. It has a higher healing properties, contains collagen and elastin. oils. for the ideal smoothness of the skin coconut oil, argan and other applied a cream and used as masks. Serums and emulsions based on natural ingredients. Serum Koreans used every evening at the same time, when applied and butter. The scheme is the following: serum, oil, moisturizer The constant change of tools Because the skin is not accustomed to the product and is more receptive to ingredients

mask and lotion quince. Perfectly clean oily skin .
< Recipe lotion. Grate quince on a fine grater, pour the juice and rub the juice obtained by the face in the morning and evening.

Jade roller. The use of the Jade roller facial massage improves blood circulation in the skin. Scrub on the basis of sea salt. will clean the skin from toxins.
Proper tea. Healing herbal and berry teas have a cleansing effect on the skin.

Scrub. of oatmeal. Suitable for cleansing, moisturizing and tightening skin.
Mix all the ingredients together to make a thick sticky mixture.

Evenly apply the oatmeal scrub on your face and rub into the skin for a couple of minutes and then rinse with water.

Steam bath for cleaning the face. In a liter of water, boil 2 Art. l. herb chamomile and 20 minutes hold face over the steam. The use of scrub after such a procedure would be especially effective. Meltwater. It stimulates the skin cells to renew, and collagen and elastin fibers to recover. It improves the complexion, making it fresh and young.
2. After some time, remove the ice formed on the surface of the crust.

3. After removing the crust wait for the water to completely froze.

4. When the ice, take a piece of ice, and the resulting good rinse it under the tap with filtered cold water.

5. Wipe the skin with ice received in the morning.

All the power in proper nutrition. in the diet of Greek women with fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and antioxidants, as well as lots of fish containing omega-3 and omega-6. mask with turmeric. It has a cleansing and antibacterial properties.
Extra virgin olive oil face with olive oil Massage allows you to keep your skin healthy, beautiful and supple The mask of white clay. The clay has antiseptic, deep cleansing and whitening effect. Cream with aloe juice. This plant is actively restores moisture balance, protects against external factors causing aging, as well as effectively nourishes and moisturizes.

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