Life is like a big airport lounge

< Leah Altukhova


Life is like a big hall of the airport.
Someone came in a fur coat, someone already in shorts.
The lady in the corner eating the last piece of cake,
And you just sit and wait for your flight.
And instead of a suitcase on wheels you have a small case,
And you run away here with a tennis court,
Where is your enemy - the boss is tired,
And you plowed, but still a bit not up
Until, that most do not have oats,
As downtrodden horse every night.
Therefore straightened his shoulders proudly
It came,
or rather crawled.
And you would like to once in the first row,
To sing * do not worry. be happy * in his own way,
And styurdessu ushipnuv for skinny ass
In response to see only smile.
But when buying a mistake.
30th C, with tail ...
This alignment.
Here's a guy rushes soon love hug.
The one in the blue dress here meets his mother,
00:15. would lie down somewhere and sleep,
But the climb to the phone, flipping the tape.
"How to make the best polenta.
How to let go of the past? »
Without pain Pawing at the face mind, last year ...
And you think, because someone is waiting for me for sure.
And warms the soul in a bag with a cheese sandwich,
Fantasy, which blows a gentle breeze.
And in the sky someone overboard aims down.
You do not care. You're going to take off.


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