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Yesterday came back from Hong Kong and decided to write my first post here - say so to share their impressions. Home Internet broke, so I seichas Internet cafe. Here I could not put the Cyrillic alphabet, so you have to write translit, and then translated into Russian - for grammar mistakes I apologize in advance.

Let's start with the fact that Hong Kong is a special area in China with its laws, currency, customs and right-hand drive traffic. What's in the same time does not prevent him to remain an integral part of China on a par with the island of Taiwan, Tibet and Macau. China is necessary to wait until 2047, when the end of 50 years of data to adapt the program of "one country - two systems" and then this region will become the usual urban orkugom in Guangdong province.

The original name of this area at the national Chinese - Hong Kong, but in the local dialect the same 2 character read as Hёnkon. Hong Kong became known as the ego of an error related to the difficulties in adapting to the English title first, and later in other languages.

January. I'm still in Shanghai. It is not very cold 4 S. depart at one o'clock. The airport road is not close. In the photo - my yard.

Stop right outside the house. Normally, buses full, but this time, people are not very much. My almost immediately came up. In smaller towns there are no conductors on the buses - fare takes the driver. Here there are many bus conductor. He (usually she) their place and a small table with a remote control. That conductor impose tolls, he opens the door and makes music. In the cabin to clean enough, there is an urn.
Stop obyavlayutsya and written in 2-languages ​​(Chinese and English). Sometimes it is very relevant - even at a distance from the center in residential areas can often find aliens.

In Shanghai, the passengers of public transport do not differ politeness and patience. Even if podhodot empty bus most people will go to break, smashing everything in its path.

After 20 minutes we reach the final - Zhangjiang subway station.

I do not insist that the Shanghai Metro is the world's largest, but it is made quite competently. For example, the second line connects two mezhdynarodnyh airport and train station TGV. Therefore, taking a taxi during the day does not necessarily. Subway cheaper and time - faster.

Most stations imetyut modest monotonous finish. It looks all that great. The stations maintained styryl purity, but still there are rednecks, attempts to vabrasyvayut trash on the floor, despite the number of deep bol'shogo boxes.

On the index is written "Cashier" and "Checking the tickets at the entrance"

We approach the termionalu. To purchase tickets for the trip odny must first be in possession of coins, since not all take notes. Please select the endpoint. Here branches do not have names - they are numbered and they are prompted for the color. I have to go direct for a second "green" line.

Of course there is the opportunity to move into English (the button in the upper right corner).
Under it is written that the only accepted coins and that I'm at the station Zhangjiang.

Clicking on the bottom of the branch number, the monitor displays a list of stations. Select "Hontsyao Airport Terminal 2" and see the cost.

6 yuan is about 30 rubles ... against 160 yuan (800 rubles) for a taxi. However, if the night and a lot of luggage - the choice will not be.

Pressing the right-most button at the bottom of "pay" vyskochet plastic card. But I do not etogo - I travel (also a plastic card on which you just fill in the account).

Proezdnaya Shanghai card. She can pay virtually any passages - bus, subway, taxi, and even to buy train tickets, and so on. Very convenient.

The main thing to remember last digits, and then the bus is easy to lose it when you give it to the conductor, and then all of a heap of remains. The girls almost always dark pink cards.

Before we get to the trains need to pass security control. In general, no one is forcing to put folder or backpack into the scanner, but large bags make.

In general, the existence of such an event could not help soothe.

With a map to the scanner at the turnstile, you can see the balance. Minimalmaya price is 3 yuan (15 rubles), it is more dependent on the distance.

Each station has a service center passenger. You can add funds to the card or get a new one (50 = 20 yuan worth card + 30 on account). They respond to any questions of interest, up to the street that goes to the station.

Going down, waiting for the train. They go often - it is not necessary to wait long. People strangely not much. It was Monday - the working day. The main wave has passed.

Marking the subway looks like. Despite the fact that "deer" is clear - first released onto, and then he come in ... 90% of people in the car on the Prut next second after PTRC door (or these things in the cars on the other are called?). When you come out sometimes you have to break his shoulders.

The cars are very clean. They are through - which is quite convenient to Fight all kinds poprashek.
I remember once driving and me crawling on the fifth point of the man ... well, I think, can not walk ... gave him a bag of tangerines just bought a couple of days ... I see it is on foot in McDonalds ... well, I'm angry! Since then, those who ask for money not give.
Sometimes people walk through the cars - sing or play the flute. There is not even wrong! So why would not have to pay for talent and effort.

Toward the middle of the road all the seats are involved. Here and there the boy jumped and sat down. His mother followed him did not have time. The guy next to playing on a tablet. Utstavilsya kid like so all the way and watched without stopping. I sat in front and the inscription on the posh Chinese wear blew me nostalgic ...

A typical picture of the subway. Note - porkasheny bench in the same green color. For example, on the second line of the interior of the car is made in pink.

List of branches in the train station looks like. Under the Chinese name is written in Latin transcription, sootvetsnvuyuschaya pronunciation in the state in Chinese.

After 40 minutes, arriving at the second station, the airport terminal. Vyhodot station right in the general building of the station and the airport. Very convenient.

Check for naё ... ported whether subway ordinary citizens ??? We put the card at the exit ... How Vesna - no! Even forgot to 1 yuan)))

It looks like a station on the surface ...

This kind of etogo hall with escalator ...

After passing the parking lot get in a terminal. Due to the nature of the work I often have to Use station and the airport ... so I'm here in general everything is familiar. This is the second floor. The first - the arrival hall. I must be in the departure lounge - on the third.

Bought in advance on the internet boarding nalon need to get, and then also get receive a check from the airlines' representative (sometimes it turns into a real problem, so it is best to arrive at the airport somewhere in an hour before the flight ... just in case). In the picture - a small part of teriminala. In the foreground are seen small terminalchiki - they can also get a ticket purchased.

Everything went smoothly. And check the ticket and received quickly. If you noticed - arrival point - the city of Shenzhen ... WTF ??? Fly to Hong Kong because ??? The fact that Shenzhen is actually a satellite city of Hong Kong, but the ticket price is often significantly different. Poetomy chose the cheap way.

Regarding tickets in China special situation. In view of the population (population 2-provincial easily exceed the population of Russia), everything must be purchased in advance, or is likely to move the trip, or instead of 6 hours in a comfortable express train to spend 14 hours stood in the general conventional wagon train. On the train tickets set limit - purchase not earlier than 10 days prior to departure. On the plane - unlimited.

Before the registration of the remaining time. I went snack at KFC. Here's a tray cost 32 yuan (160 rubles). Later, I'll order something similar in Hong Kong and compare prices.

Before going out to the waiting room - MANDATORY \ ny personal inspection. The contents of the pockets is removed and passed through a scanner. Jackets are forced to shoot. Mobile phones, cameras, etc.. Electronics make turn to make sure that it is not. Pass through the frame and then searched with a metal detector and hand feeling hands ... especially when it does gives the girl-frontier guard ...

It is also worth noting the big transparent ballot boxes for lighters. Photograph not have time. In any case, the lighter will be taken away. In 2008, I bought a Russian father lighter for 700 dollars ... so the noise raised when scanned ... even though polovona bag was packed with Chinese, also not cheap vodka did not pay attention. I had to give an expensive gift.

The waiting room looks like. It is very long and there are many shops.

As an echo of the new year - Christmas tree. In China, this festival almost did not notice. Common workday. All frenzy begins during the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year). D this time this action takes the beginning of the 20th of January.

Excuse me for such intimate details))) But these toilets are not ashamed to show. It is kept clean and a feeling that is cleaner and fresher than in the terminal. By the way, the station toilets are not inferior to the purity.

You can also get online. The speed is so-so, but the climb and pass the minutes of waiting can be.

Due to the nature of the fit of the local Internet sites is prohibited. Although what sad ??? Won in North Korea, most potential users are aware of the Internet only urban legends))))

Before registering nearly sat phone. Where you can recharge. Not suitable for our outlets and even ...

... I have a USB connector.

Everything works great and there is free WiFi.

By the way, the phone HTC Incredible S with carrying case and flash drive 8GB zdes worth a little more than 10 rubles tytsyach.

After 2.5 hours prietayu in Shenzhen. Here, 19 S. First of all it is necessary to exchange 'den'gi. I leave myself neskol'ko hundred yuan, and the fact that in the photo turns ... turns ... in ...

Absolutely right! In Hong Kong dollars. For 1 yuan give $ 1.2 (hereinafter referred to under the dollar will keep in mind is the Hong Kong dollar). In mainland China, the maximum denomination bill is 100, and in Hong Kong 1000. And one controls issue RMB Bank of China, and the release of various denominations dollar deal with different banks in Hong Kong ($ 1,000 Napromer produced jointly with the Shanghai Bank).

Getting to Hong Kong in several ways. The easiest, who turned up - straight from the airport to catch a bus. The price - 120 yuan (600 rubles) and go one and a half hours.

Conventionally, Hong Kong can be divided 'into 3 parts. A piece of the mainland (near Gaulun new territory - Samgau) directly Hёnkondou island and island group, where the airport is located.

On this ticket should I take to the area Gaulun.

That's the border. There is no verification of documents and personal search.

Queue quite solid. The movement goes in both directions. Many citizens of Hong Kong have podstvenniov in mainland Kitae and vice versa, you can also see a lot of students who go to school on the other side one of the boundaries.
Passing the border took a bus (a different - with the right ryluёm) and continued on their way. Battery on fotike to the point of the village.

Pro fi t in the place I rented a small room, rest, recharge the camera and went for a walk on the embankment - the area between the Gulf and the island Gaulun Hёnkondou.

Seeing this, the first thing that asks for the mouth - is the question: "How to prepare your city for New Year's?".

I myself come from nebol'shogo town with a population of 300 000 people ... of course the first time I saw this kind of - I was blown away! Before this ever watch it all on TV and in the movies, but alive to witness such beauty - it is quite another matter.

In Shanghai, there is also the promenade, but it is much shorter and there is a river and not the bay, so the effect is not the same, though, too beautiful.
Regardless of the time of day is crowded.

In general, since the girl is sitting - it is impossible, but if you strongly want, then - you can.

After the walk back to the room ... so it can be called a very big stretch, but for $ 200 per night and the other not. The most important thing an advantage - half a minute from the metro, 5 minutes from the waterfront and free WiFi ... well, where without it ... and of course the normal Internet without restrictions.

In the photo - a common korodor.

So it looks at the entrance. No windows. Well, to be honest, most visitors unpretentious room ... need to throw things and to stay ... Came to relocate, I agree - we need warmth and comfort! And if a couple of days - and this will come down a barn!

Too small toilet, and even combined with a shower. If you work hard you can even take the shower ... my, my view of the considerable size with shower did not work out ... but something like a head wash ...

Bed. Soft and comfortable. In the corner on a stand above a TV and heterogeneous fuel outlet phone and allow the camera down. All this prevraschaet this miserable room in some semblance of the house of the hero of the game GTA, on his return to the band who is recovering health and no one will gets ...

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