Excellent menu with Sochi cafe

I'll confess honestly, like pearls in my life I have not seen. All those I talked about it for the last 2 days in the next 15 minutes could not speak - just laughed. I do not see how you can come up with is, but life - brighter than fictional stories. And now, in fact, a short background. I spent last week at sea, on the Black Sea, near the now known to the whole world the city of Sochi. To my great joy, I flew from Adler (Sochi airport). Why fortunately? Yes, because if I had I not visit this cafe, I would have lost a very great deal. So, 10 am, my friends and I arrived at the airport to the aircraft an additional 3 hours, I want to eat, and some after yesterday and not only to eat, so we randomly choose a cafe and sit down in the shade. Bring us the menu. The next time we ate. Albeit with difficulty, in between laughter. Sochi Olympic capital is now, so everything should be in 2 languages, including menu. By the way, I offered 200 rubles waitress if she would give me the menu with you. Refused. But, take a picture of it, I still managed to ...


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