The Vedas have any special advice for men ...

The Vedas have any special advice for men, since they tend to forget that they are not particularly inspiring. For example, a man should buy a woman jewelry. As if a man buys jewelry, there will be problems in both of them. Any woman knows that when she takes jewelry, especially expensive, it belongs to the man in the higher plane. Therefore, man must give women often expensive jewelry, and jewelry all the time. Women need to give light weight as a Christmas tree. Women are very important to wear jewelry, especially bracelets. Bracelets pacify female lust. Ring in the Vedic times as worn on the hands and legs. Thus woman tames his lust and focuses on one man. If a woman focuses on one man, he becomes successful. The strength of the female mind is enormous. If a woman thinks about her husband that he is a loser, he will be a loser. It is therefore important to put a man on a pedestal. Just a woman to cook for men. Because through cooking transmitted thought. If you have any impressions, thoughts, do not tell my husband, you just have to prepare him to interfere in a clockwise direction, and speak all the good, positive transfer, then the food becomes a magic cure.

R. Narushevich


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