10 ways to give new life to old and dull kedam

Along with teleportation and the ability to read minds is Superpower ride on public transport in white sneakers and do not spoil them.

In the Website of superheroes was not, so we made a selection of ways to help extend the life of old sneakers.

Acrylic paints

Art of the road! To make these shoes, which would envy any designer, you need acrylic paints, brushes and a little time.

These shoes are ideal for dress. As they do, can be found here.


Space shoes for real cosmonauts can be done by this instruction.

Bright spots

How to make the best summer shoes in the world, read here.


Detailed video on how to make the winged sandals of Hermes, can be found here.

clippings from magazines

Following this instruction, can be pasted on

Platform sneakers even photos.

This method is for those who want to be a little higher.


This method is for those who want to make their lives a little brighter.


These shoes for those who are in the soul a little rocker.


The most delicate shoes in the world can be made by this instruction.

Photos on the preview: muyingenioso.com

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