The top 12 for the survival of life hacking. You never know when they might come in handy!

These simple, at first glance, one advice can save you! Modern people are absolutely not ready for the situations in which the need to fight for their lives. "Do or die" - there is a remarkable drive with the same name, and it captures the essence of the advice given to your attention the following

. How to defend themselves with the help of the keys to the apartment, what should you do if you go to an unfamiliar forest, and a few individual tips from seasoned travelers
Life hacking survival
You can use AAA batteries instead of AA by filling the gap in the foil unit cell.

Excellent stash, which is always with you - a small amount of money to cover the phone can help out in an emergency situation.

Wax crayon can successfully replace the candle and will burn as much as 20 minutes!

If cleverly pack toilet paper in a jar, you can keep it dry at all times.

The ideal container for the storage of cereals! It is convenient to take with you on a hike and keep them dry.

Normal keys can be turned into a weapon that will save you in a dangerous situation.

Little bowl inserted into a large bowl with sand, will be an excellent fridge in nature! Products in such a container will remain fresh longer.

Points will help light a fire under extreme conditions! Two pairs of lenses will enhance the heat ray.

Large trash bags replace raincoat during a thunderstorm!

Here are the hooks can be made from conventional ring with cans!

Baby oil will protect your skin from exposure to wind and frost. The best remedy for frostbite!

If you walk around an unfamiliar forest, be sure to make notes on the trees, they will help to find his way back. It could save your life!

These Tips for Surviving is to preserve and pass on to your friends! No one is safe from unexpected accidents ...


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