The owner Morillo his hunger, and then I left to die in garbage bags

Animals affected by human hands - a direct reflection of our cruelty. But some cases are sometimes experienced organizations such as the Associated Humane Socieities' Newark Animal Shelter refuse to accept as reality.

On garbage rescue workers suddenly saw one of the black bags moved. After opening the package, they found inside a dog ... hard to believe that she still had the strength to show signs of life!

The former owner of the dog was able to quickly calculate. This animal (man his name language does not turn) forced his dog to starve Patrick, then just throw it in the trash.

The dog was immediately taken to a veterinary clinic. Now Patrick again had to slowly get used to the food.

The dog always kept warm - because of a lack of fat is kept frozen


All employees of the clinic tried as much as possible to caress and stroke Patrick, giving him to understand that there is not only evil people in the world.

A miracle happened: the dog's digestive tract gradually rebounded, returning to normal quadruped


Full recovery, however, took a long time - the psychological trauma Patrick did not allow him to accept the kindness of human hands


Fortunately, over time, the dog was able to find a new owner, and then he simply drowned in her care and love. Just look at that dog! Can you believe that once he was dying in a black garbage bag?

The former owner Patrick was arrested. Every person who allows himself to mock the weak, should receive a fair punishment!

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