Plastic bottle of water, a banana and a secret ingredient - that's what saved me from insects!

There is nothing worse than insects in the room
Today, our editors will tell you, how to get rid of mosquitoes once and for all! Hopefully, our advice is sure to come in handy.

Traps for mosquitoes from plastic butylkiTebe need
1 banana water sugar plastic bottle scissors

Use scissors to cut off the top of a plastic bottle.

Put sugar on the bottom of the bottle so that it covered the bottom completely.

Cut half a banana, carefully grind it and place in the bottle, then add a little water.

Place the tip of the bottle as shown in the photo.

Within a few days of your trap is as follows.

By the way, in such a trap fall not only mosquitoes but also flies, fruit flies, and even wasps. For best effect should be to wrap the bottle with a cloth or thick paper, dark places attract insects.

We wish you only pleasant summer evenings, let the insects you do not disturb!


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