60 to look both at 30? History Christie Brinkley

What do you think, how old is this model? 25, 30 may be 40? This is Christie Brinkley, 61. And it is her peers make out a pension certificate, she is posing in a swimsuit for the cover of popular magazines. The word "retirement" for Brinkley - an empty phrase

. Two years ago, on the eve of its 60th anniversary in an interview with People magazine Christie said: "I am delighted that I will soon turn 60, if I'm at the peak of his life." Everyone would be at her age so much energy and self-confidence.

In 1973, American photographer Errol Sawyer saw a beautiful girl in one of the post offices in Paris. It was Christie, who grew up in the home of Errol in the United States and France had come to finish education. Sawyer did some staged shots that are interested owner of model agency Elite, John Casablancas. Thus began a dizzying career Christi.

Over the years, Brinkley has appeared on the covers of over 500 magazines, including such famous like Vogue, Glamour, Rolling Stones, Esquire. In seredine1980's Christie signed the longest in the history of fashion for a period of 20 years contract with CoverGirl cosmetics company. In 2005, by the way, it was extended - as Brinkley "fused" with the brand

. Now Christy not only a model, but also a writer, illustrator, photographer, fashion designer and singer. And yet - the mother of three children, who, in spite of the pregnancy and birth, always continued to keep in shape. We will not dissemble: Brinkley - a frequent guest cosmetologists, and still she does make-up carefully and use false hair for their magnificent hairstyles. But what's wrong with that, if in spite of all the procedures, you look natural?

Rules of Life Christine Brinkley
Do not think about age

"Biological age has nothing to do with my inner self-awareness - constantly repeats Brinkley reporters. - Now for me it is absolutely meaningless numbers. I feel that the time may not be a limitation of my spirit, my energy, and I do! »

If you really want, you can

Christine - convinced vegetarian. It is the only fruit, vegetables and dairy products from 13 years. This, say fans secret of her success. But this does not mean that Brinkley indulging in the goodies. She did not just accept what is a big fan of Italian pasta, and even eating pasta for dinner. And against seafood model has nothing, "Life is too short to afford the oysters and champagne sometimes»

. Do not get hung up on the size of clothes

Christie once said in another interview that her weight fluctuates from time to time. Not surprisingly, with such exorbitant love for pasta and other goodies. In her wardrobe there are jeans from 40 to 44 sizes, but the star is completely confused. There are no women without flaws. The main thing - to choose the right outfit, which they hide

. Sport - is the youth

But on what Brinkley fixated - so it is a sport and physical activity. Classes help her feel young: "As soon as I get your joints to work, I know I'm ready to do anything", - said one model. At the time, she was the face of TotalGym simulator and still speaks in every interview that shakes him via the press, legs and arms. In addition, Christie is trying to do 100 push-ups every day, practicing yoga for at least half an hour, and often goes for a morning jog.

Brinkley loves extreme sports, it is not just rising to her side: "During my life, I got a lot of injuries from things that were out of my control: runaway horse, falling helicopters, rotating boats" - said once she told reporters <. br>
Dress according to the status

Despite the excellent shape, beauty Christie never allows itself to open and nothing too vulgar. And it is not that the model is unhappy with her body - she has a bikini as a tone-on status, yet the mother of three adult children. "When we rest some, I can wear a bikini, but public beach with children I don swimwear closed because they do not want to go with an old woman in a bikini" - ironically Christi

. Loving your children

Despite a brilliant career and human rights activities, Brinkley puts family first. "I - adult mother, I am responsible to their children and to themselves. I want to always be with them, and do everything possible for this "- she says



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