Facts about Agatha Christie

Interesting and amazing facts from the life and works of Agatha Christie

As often happens with talented people, Agatha suffered dysgraphia - the inability to write lyrics. Her works have been dictated.
The reason for writing the first novel by Agatha Christie had to argue with her sister, who was a writer. The argument that it will be able to do something more worthwhile than a sister.

Agatha Mary Clarissa Originally Mallowan, nee Miller was going to be published under the pseudonym Martin West and Martin Gray, believing that the woman's name detective author may make some readers prejudices, she later decided to keep the present name of her first husband - Christi.

During the First World War, Agatha Christie worked as a nurse in a military hospital, then she went to work in a pharmacy, so great was the understanding of the toxic substances. Perhaps, therefore, it is poisoned so often in her detectives.

1926 was one of the most difficult in the life of Christie, but then it was the mysterious disappearance. Her mother died, my brother became a drug addict, publishers did not like the novel, "The Murder of Roger Ackroyd", in which the narrative was conducted on behalf of the murderer, and to top it all, her husband Archibald fell in love with another woman and demanded a divorce. Then Agatha lost her long sought, and even enlisted the help of other British Master Detective - Arthur Conan Doyle.
After some time, Agatha found in the small town sanatorium, where it appeared to all as Teresa Neal. She is very badly damaged memory: she had a vague memory of her husband, she could not remember the name of his daughter, and his sister learned only a few days.
Some believed that the author acted out a special situation with his "disappearance" to avenge her husband.

Brian Aldiss, familiar to Agatha Christie, once told about her methods - "She was finishing up the last chapter of the book, and then choose the most unlikely of suspects and, returning to the top remade several times to substitute him».
According to Christie's, from childhood to old age she dreamed the same dream: a man with his hands chopped off and a terrible person. She called him a man-killer, even in his sleep he did not kill anyone.

During the Second World Agatha Christie wrote two stories "Curtain» (Curtain) and "Sleeping Murder» (Sleeping Murder), which were to become the latest books about Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple, two of its most popular characters. At the request of both Agatha Christie books were hidden in a bank vault and had come to light when Agatha Christie will not be able to write.
The stories were published in 1974, when the writer 84 years old ...

The film "Murder on the Orient Express" was the only film adaptation of the works of the writer, where Agatha Christie has been fully satisfied. In particular, she said that the execution of Albert Finney as Hercule Poirot was closest to the literary character created by it. Agatha Christie traveled a lot, and the novel, taken as a basis for this film was written in Istanbul, where the writer came to rest with her husband.

Agatha Christie was married twice, first husband, she gave birth to a daughter, Rosalind. The second time she married relatively late, while the husband was younger than her fifteen years. He was an archaeologist, and Agatha often joked that his wife archaeologist must be much older husband to his interest.

Her books are published circulation of more than 2 billion copies and have been translated into 103 languages. Agatha Christie was one of the symbols of the United Kingdom, its masterpieces are the following promulgated by the Bible and Shakespeare.
Agatha Christie also set a record for the maximum number of theatrical works, and her play "The Mousetrap" (eng. Mousetrap) was first staged in 1952 and is still continuously demonstrated on stage in London.

Agatha Christie is the author of many great sayings, the most famous of which was: "Freedom is worth fighting for it».



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