Dog ate stash owners - $ 1,000 in cash

One dog in Florida got a very expensive lunch - $ 1,000 in cash. However, then return home made dog eaten.

"Now I think it was funny," said the mistress of the dog Christy Lawrenson of St. Augustine (Florida). However, the first owners of the dog was not amused. "My husband and I pay for the car loan. Each time, putting $ 1,000, we go to the bank and extinguish part of the loan, "says Christie.

This time, Christie put the money in an envelope on the nightstand, said goodbye to his dog - labrador named Tjuta and went to work. When her husband Christy drove home for lunch, the envelope on the table was not, and the scraps were scattered on the floor of the 100-dollar bills. Money and a clip from the envelope were stomach Teauty, reports MSNBC.

Christie's husband watered the dog hydrogen peroxide to cause the dog vomiting. "I took the money from the dog vomiting. I still do not know how I'm digging in vomit all day, "says Lawrenson. I managed to save $ 900 in one $ 100 bills were missing serial numbers. The family sent money to the Treasury by applying to the cash puzzle letter explaining.



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