All this time you are sheared completely wrong! Pay attention to one detail ...

Hairstyle can change a person beyond recognition! Today, our expert will tell you, how to choose a hairstyle , taking into account all the important points. Color and skin type, face shape and features - at all pay attention, going to the hairdresser

! Also revision «Website» to share with you a proprietary technique that works perfectly and will help choose a hairstyle, it is ideally suited to you.

How to choose a hairstyle for the shape of the face
The hairdo should be the opposite shape of your face. To round face shape strong > are contraindicated hairstyle with hair the same length. If you square face shape , you must give up the straight bangs, which further accentuate the angular features.

face in the shape of a heart does not suffer a cascade of hairstyles and other ragged hair. For triangular face suitable long bangs, combed to one side. Deep bangs to her eyebrows accentuates the beauty of the eyes.

The reception, which loves all of our editors, incredibly simple, but it will help you choose the best option hairstyles! Going to the master upload your picture in Google image search. You will immediately see a lot of pictures of people with similar to your face shape!

Take a look at photos of celebrities and photos you particularly cute haircuts options. Sure, this trick will help determine the choice of hair design and throw a couple of fresh ideas for the perfect image!

Successful haircut change people and highlight all the advantages of their appearance. Watch a video from our expert, you comprehend the secrets of an impeccable choice hairstyles. Oh, to see this movie to me a few months ago ...

"Hair influences how is the day, and as a result, and the life", - said the inimitable Sophia Loren. I hope this information from the real connoisseur of beauty in the world turned out to be useful to you! Save this video and is sure to show it to her friends, for sure it is useful to them.

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