21.06. Chicago Eiffel response. half-mad Ferris

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World Expo 1893 was held in Chicago. The Americans, then still looked to Europe with some semblance of respect, yet already thinking that it's time to show who is who. And it would be necessary to demonstrate that the Eifel - so small apprentice. There was a competition for the creation of the main attractions of shows on the condition that on the basis of a comparison, "The Eiffel Tower, the Chicago Landmark" all became clear advantages of the American way of life and thinking.
Quite a long time with the projects was frankly sour. Since the applicants, not very hovering gyrus, offered otgrohat the same tower, only more. He has not announced George Ferris in Illinois with a huge Ferris wheel project. At first it looked as violent. Then he looked closer. It seems not violent. But an obvious nutcase. From his blood vbuhali 25 pieces of tanks in the design drawings and specifications. Himself an engineer. Like all the way through. But - dumb. Experience facilities such joy no one and do not close. Diameter - 80 meters, the axis - 14 meters in length and 2 in diameter. Plus navesheno be 36 booths of 60 men each. All bothering weighs over 4 tons and everything should revolve. Colleagues twist a finger at his temple and removed the fog. Ferris did not give up. And yet ubaltyvat administration. Well ubaltyvat - they make a knight's move: do, but their grandmother. This is not a tower. Or find people who wish to invest. Well, you guessed it. He finally found. It has done everything in terms of a quarter million evergreen denezhek (approximately 6 000 000 at the exchange rate today) ...
... During the exhibition an attraction visited by about half a million people and left at the box office for fifty cents from the nose. More precisely, if all okuchit - 730 thousand dollars. Or 480,000 in excess costs. Good
gesheft I turned. Well, who does not risk - you know
The Ferris wheel is still in English called the ferris wheel. By the way, another name - "the devil", it's also the same shows. Working hard to fit in time for the construction of their regular tips, together they became known as the wheel "damn." Caught on ...


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