The more one reads in childhood, the more it earns in the future

«< The house in which there are no books, like the body, devoid of soul », - once said Cicero. According to scientists, today this phrase can be consumed not only in relation to spiritual wealth, but also the material: Italian economists have found that reading books in childhood and well-being in adulthood has a close relationship

. Three economists from the University of Padua (Italy) studied 6000 people from nine different European countries and concluded that people with access to books as a child now earn substantially more than those who grew up with a small book luggage or no books. < br>
They studied the period from 1920 until 1956, when just in Europe there was a reform school and was added to the one-year compulsory education. The researchers calculated that an extra year of education increases the average human lifetime income by 9%. But for children with a little reading the book, this figure rose by only 5%, and for those who read a lot - as much as 21%

. The explanation for this phenomenon gave the well-known British neuroscientist Susan Greenfield. According to her, nothing to develop children's brain is like a book, as the literature is the best catalyst for thought processes After all, every story has a plot, development, climax and denouement -. Such a structure causes the brain, utilizing the maximum the number of his fields, to build a certain sequence, to think about the connections between events and to analyze the effect of the produced action heroes.

Therefore, it is the number of books that have been read as a child depends on the ability of logical thinking and concentration in adult life. < And instill in children a taste for reading - the best gift that we can do it


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