What would our life be like if the films of the future come true

We are in the Website are very fond of movies about the future: they give us faith in humanity, in love and the victory over the aliens. But even more we love to dream about how to get into this magical and enchanting world of the future.

We have rode hoverboard

Perhaps the most coveted vehicle ever appeared on the big screen. Who among us has not dreamed to ride on a flying skateboard? Well, hopefully, we will not let the inventors.

And flying on cars

Rare film about the future do without flying car. Alas, modern technologies still do not allow the car to float in the air. A pity.

But the creators of one of the James Bond films have gone further and have come up with an invisible car. And imagine if it is invisible and fly at the same time?

And we would have points-based computers.
Though wait a minute ...

After flying cars glasses, probably the most popular subject in fiction filmmakers. What they just do not happen. So look "smart" glasses in 1985 in the movie "Back to the FutureĀ».

"Smart" glasses with screens children spies (2001). And who would have thought that after a few years of such points will be available to everyone.

Our "smart" watches have sent telegram

It seems that one of the first "smart" watches have appeared in "Star Trek" in the '60s TV series. As you can see, the design of the gadget has since remained virtually unchanged.

But the record for the number of hours of incredible, of course, James Bond. What we did not know how to watch it in all the years of existence of the franchise. Here, for example, clocks, transmit telegrams:

But watch - laser cutter. Also, the special agent at various times appeared-noose watches, - a circular saw, electronic watches (in 1973 it was no less extraordinary than-noose watch, believe me), electromagnetic hours (they can reflect bullets!) And exploding watch.

And we would fight with laser swords

Almost all science fiction filmmakers agree: the coolest weapon of the future - it's lasers

we Portable zabyvatel be used only as a last resort.. Whether or not

Do you ever have moments in life that I would like to forget? Or make you forget others? Alas, the opportunity is there only for the heroes of the film "Men in BlackĀ»

We would be incredibly stylish

< br> No, let's just promised each other that will never dress like in these movies?

Although if we have portable zabyvateli ...

Maybe we would become lazy and never left the flying chairs?

Well, I certainly would. Give two!

But tablets we can not be surprised

Incidentally, the first tablet was spotted back in the 60's in the TV series "Star Trek". Then he looked something like this.

, And jetpacks too

If you wait for this hoverboard us for a long time, here jetpacks from the films have already come true. However, they are still very few people can afford but still.

And smart phones now do have each student

In 1997, Bond appeared phone, which for two decades ahead of his time: fingerprint scanner, touch panel, remote control of the car and built a stun

And finally, the most important thing. In our view, the present invention: an inflatable jacket-sphere

I want to be alone? Plain-looking jacket can be inflated and instantly turn into a sphere protecting Bond (and anyone else) from the misery of the world. Sitting under the Baby Soft - yesterday

! Still, no matter how ridiculous and absurd may seem to us some fantasy writers and directors, many of them will sooner or later become a part of our reality. Welcome to the future!

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