History Abandoned parking lot where dusts Auto millions of dollars

In the vicinity of the city of Chengdu, in China, discovered a large car park with capacity for about 200 cars. It would seem that unusual, but these cars have long abandoned by their owners. Some of them are very expensive models, such as multiple Bentley, Mercedes-Benz and Land Rover. Some machines are overgrown with weeds, although they are still in very good condition.

This park is known among locals as "parking tyrants" because of the huge total cost of these cars. The fact that all of these machines - "zombie", they are simply abandoned because no longer needed their owners, but they are still formally belong to them. But there is one feature. Most cars parked here, are party to any criminal proceedings, and can not be made to the new owners, while proceedings continue in the courts.

These machines have long been a headache for the local authorities, because they do not know what to do with them. The units were sold via auctions, but their place gradually occupy more and more new cars.

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