13 Things, who understand only those who work at night

People always complain about their work because no one likes to work. Ooooh, these difficult hours from 8 am to 5 ... But anyone even harder, such as those who work 12 hours a day, or those who work at night. After all, people can not even work at night ponyt about their "8 to 5"! Here are 13 things that will understand only those who work at night.

1. agonizing loneliness When everyone else at work - you are at home when the evening everyone returns home and begins their life - you go to work

. 2. Breakfast? No, I have not messed up your days so that you do not even know when you have had breakfast, and even when it should be on your schedule should be.

3. You experience a heavy feeling as if you have something missing This is not just a feeling that you are missing something, you do not leave an obsession, as though you are missing life. You can not go to your friends' birthdays and other holidays that are celebrated in the afternoon. You feel that life is passing you while you sleep during the day and work at night.

4. Bags under the eyes No amount of cream or concealer will not be able to remove these huge bags under his eyes.

5. See the program in the recording is your only way to watch TV, but for this you sometimes too tired.

6. Are you tired all the time sleeping, not sleeping, sleeping, not sleeping, not sleeping, not sleeping ...

7. People judge you when postman, neighbors and other people see you during the day, they take you for a slacker and think, "Well when you've finally find a job»

. 8. As well as breakfast, you do not have dinner, you will not remember the last time I ate a human.

9. Driving in night bus to work is a nightmare Dark, cold and sad.

10. You gain weight Unfortunately, night work do not have any privileges for your waistline.

11. Coffee addiction It is not like you, but you drink it, to keep himself in working condition.

12. No person worse than a night worker, awakened by the day to save, fools!

13. People in the morning - the real demons When you go home in the morning, you see their faces fresh and rested. And then when you go to sleep, then the window just start screaming kids, ride vehicles and upstairs neighbor wore again their favorite irons on his feet and danced merrily in their tap.

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