20 summer dresses that you can easily make the most

Each of us have old things that we have not put on, and throw them away or give hand does not rise. But do not remove the clothes deep into the closet, because if you add just one small detail, it is possible to breathe new life into it and give it a designer look.

Just for this Website contains tips on how you can transform old clothes.

Revive the dress with the help of new color

See the step by step instructions here

Decorate bow -. It is always feminine

See how to do it, then.

Add lace

All patterns here.

Garnish with pearl beads

Incredibly beautiful and easy solution. Watch how to do, here and here.

Make a cool summer shirt with open back

How to braid back, look at the description.

A maxi skirt turned into a short summer dress

Read tips on the cutting of here.

From simple blouse can be trendy with a cut on the back

How to cut, look here.

Decorate clothing sequins

More photos here.

You can make a cool print

Description here.

Or to take another look at the usual

white shirt
. More photos here

Add touching element - such as hearts elbows

See how to do it, then.

Lace ennoble ordinary black T-shirt

Read the instructions here.

Colored stones give any thing chic

See how to decorate, here.

And you can transform the thing is just beyond recognition

Follow these instructions.

Or using lace

Here's how it's done.

Can cause unusual print on an ordinary sweater

Description here.

And old scarf turned into a new top

Instructions here.

From a man's shirt can make a light summer dress

How do see here

And from flea sweater -. Romantic outfit

How to sew the details, find out here.

Even the old t-shirt can be converted into a fashionable dress

< br> Follow the instructions.

Can put a cute print on any thing

Guide here is very simple.

Men's shirts in turn draped vest


Add lace to the usual topam

Look at the pattern of various alterations here.

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