9 original ways of using wool. This is something new!

It is difficult to find someone who at least once in my life Use wool
Ways to use vatyPredlagaem 9 original versions wool application. Perhaps some will be open for you!

refresh the air
In addition to cotton, you will need any liked essential oil and a decorative glass container with holes in the lid. Moisten a cotton oil, put it in a bottle. fragrance intensity may be adjusted by increasing or reducing the opening in the lid. And it is possible to build just such a design.

Remove bad smell in the fridge
Does the same method described above. Remember that you're dealing with products, so you should choose oil with a slight odor. Well suited citrus flavors: lemon, orange, grapefruit.

Protect the foot of the calluses and corns
Soft, fluffy wool will help protect your feet from injury to wear uncomfortable shoes. Make pads under the feet to prevent blisters.

To prevent breeding mold
Dampen cotton swab in the chlorine-containing substances, the treated surface with a mold. Prepare another of the same tampon and leave it in a place where there was a fungus.

Extend the life of rubber gloves
Rubber gloves often tear at their fingertips. Put to the small pieces of cotton wool. So you protect their gloves from premature damage.

Help aching tooth
Dampen a piece of cotton in brandy and attach to the tooth. The pain subsides.

Remove nail polish effortlessly
Small pieces of wool Dampen a nail polish remover, apply them to the nail and hold for a few minutes. Remove nail polish will now be much easier. You do not need long to rub!

To build a water filter
Corps will serve as a filter for regular plastic bottle. Cut off the bottom of the bottle. Turn it upside down, as shown in the photo. Laid wool in three layers, alternating with layers of particulate activated carbon. Such a filter is guaranteed to purify water from sand, soil particles and protozoa, but boil the resulting water is necessary!

To develop creative abilities of children
Any creative ideas can be realized with the help of cotton wool! Stuff copyrights soft toys, decorate the room with garlands of cotton for the New Year, make all kinds of applications and crafts with the kids ... Choose something for everyone!

And what unusual ways of using the usual things you know? Share with others in the comments!


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