Be careful! That's why you can not talk on a cell when it is charging.

I'm sure many of us have heard that you can not talk on the cell phone while it is charging. And that is why it is not recommended, but few know.

Editorial «Website» has decided to look into the matter and to inform its readers about the possible danger. Be careful, take care of yourself and your loved ones!

Why not use a mobile during zaryadki

When the mobile phone is charging, it becomes very hot. Let the device looks like a normal, that he's going on inside, you can not see. Be careful, even if you use the machine for a long time and I am sure in it. If you have the gadget has a small manufacturing defect or in case of parts of the network voltage drops when you charge your phone, - risk of explosion of mobile increases many times!

More than once there were cases when to charge the phone while talking to explode. The end result is terrible: burns, maxillofacial trauma, The broken eardrum, eye problems. The consequences can be very different, but all are equally deplorable.

Keep an eye on how children use the gadgets, as they often do not come off from the games on your mobile, even while it is charging, it is also safe.

Safety while charging mobile
Do not use your mobile ye the time it is connected to a power outlet using the supplied charger! Do not talk and do not play during the gadget charging. Do not put rechargeable cell on a bed or other bystrovosplamenyayuschuyusya surface. < If you charge the phone and you call before you answer the phone, disconnect the mobile device from the charger and wall outlet.

Mobile phone - a very useful invention. Nevertheless, it must be used very carefully.

Share this important information about risk of explosion of mobile with your friends. Take care of yourself, family and friends!


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