How to update the floor without the expense: this secret will change your idea of ​​repair!

Repairs - it's a great chance to test your creativity Yes, on the adaptation of rooms usually it takes a lot of nerves and money ... But it's nice to then take a look at the fruits of their labor!

Today «Website» to share with you the secret of how to upgrade the floor What do you comes to mind when you see a paper bag? Yes, we usually put the food there. Who would have thought that out of paper bags, you can create stunning flooring!

Paul his rukami

You need
kraft paper (or paper packages) PVA glue stain nail sex

All of these materials can be purchased at the hardware store.

First remove the skirting boards, and prepare the surface to work.

You can simply tear the paper into pieces, or use the old paper bags. Somni piece of paper in his hands, creating a texture.

The glue can add a little water. Dip a piece of paper in the glue and attach it to the floor. Distribute the paper so that the floor is flat.

Continue in the same way to spread the paper. Some sheets should partially cover the other, to form a continuous coating ... This process is time consuming, but the result is worth the effort.

Use stain to give a coating color depth.

Apply to the finished surface of the parquet lacquer. He will reliably protect the new floor and give it a decent look. If necessary, repeat this action several times.

At first glance you could not tell, from what made this floor! It looks worse than expensive wooden floor Share this advice useful for repair of an apartment with friends!


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