30 tips from the wise woman who understood life.

Oh, to be born at once with great life experience! But, unfortunately, this is impossible. We have to learn from their mistakes, because wisdom has given over the years ...

That may know women over 30 , does not compare to the serene life values โ€‹โ€‹of youth. Think not spend if you are younger years wasted?

Tips wise zhenschin

Learn to accept the changes. Cooking table setting - not the main thing. The main thing - good company Each moment carries value.. Live here and now ! Good luck to the lazy does not come. not try for solving other people's problems, even if not asked to. You've got your rather Intuition - a useful thing Healthy sleep - a pledge of good day The main thing -. Not the number of friends, and their quality ! it's not what you see, but how you look at it. Do not envy! You live not worse than others ... Forget about the past, do not think about the future. Seize the moment! Start to save for old age now! Ignore inadequate people. Their problems with the head -. Not your problem There are more important things than work ... Do not be afraid to take risks Constantly learn and develop li.. > Sleep on it ... Only love yourself, you can understand the value of mutual love. A few days alone work better than a spa. Even friendship disappears ... Do not waste your life on the expectations, hopes and dreams. ! Just act Learn to forgive and let go a memorable experience, and not the things "Thank you" and "please" -.. Always relevant words self-pity - feeling useless Stop to hide their emotions. It is only bad for your health! Travel. And as often as possible And why the young in such a hurry to live Learn to treat everything is easier Happiness -?. Deal only your hands !

Of these truths to remember at any age ... But you're the creator of his own happiness!

And what else should be added to the Tips for Women ?


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